Announcing IRON BREWER Championship Round!

Time is upon us to start the CHAMPIONSHIP round of IRON BREWER! The participants in this round will have 3 ingredients they must use to complete a beer. There is no predefined style or method, only that it must be an Ale or Lager (no Braggots, Gruits, Meads, or Wine), completed in 8 weeks and incorporate the 3 ingredients listed below. The winner will be the brewer who best incorporates the 3 ingredients in a quality Homebrew. Six brewers will be competing for over $500 in prizes as the winners of their respective rounds.

Click here for the full rules.

The idea of IRON BREWER is to let the brewers be creative. We are not going to dictate the quantity, method, or how the ingredient is used in the recipe. It is also not meant to be easy and will require thought by the homebrewer how to craft a recipe with these 3 seemingly unrelated items.

The Ingredients in the Championship round of IRON BREWER will be:

  1. Chili Peppers
  2. Horizon Hops
  3. Crystal 120


  1. Recipe Completed by Jan 28th.
  2. Podcast Tasting/recording on April 1st 8pm EST

The Brewers!

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2 Responses to “Announcing IRON BREWER Championship Round!”

  1. Jason Says:

    Hi Peter,

    Signed up for this, hopefully next time around I will be able to participate!


  2. Simply Beer Says:

    Cool Jason! Not sure when the second season will start or what rule changes there will be.

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