How to Clean a Corney Keg

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7 Responses

  1. Doug B. says:

    Peter, you have been killing it lately with the great blog posts. Nice job!

    My method for cleaning my cornies is pretty close to yours. I also lube all the o-rings before assembly to encourage tighter seals. And I would like to point out to new corny owners that the post with the little horizontal notches on the star portion is the gas post and goes on the “in” side; very helpful when reassembling.

    • Simply Beer says:

      Thanks Doug, I’ve really be trying to incorporate much more homebrewing into Simply Beer, since that is where my real passion is. I’ll still be doing some reviews, but will be more sporadic. In Fact I i’ll be review all 3 of Southern Tier’s Cuvee Series in one shot.

      While I wasn’t really covering Assembling and Sanitation, that is a good thing to note regarding the lube. You want to have the best seals possible. I guess I’m going to have to do a follow up on assembling and sanitizing before racking. Thanks for making more work for me, Doug! 🙂

  2. Andy Z says:

    Thanks for the post Peter! I follow a similar process, minus the toothbrush. Disassembling the pieces seems go a long way to keeping things clean, and soaking everything in OxiClean takes care of a lot of the work for you. My kegs have only been used once, so as I use them more and more, I’ll be sure to keep the tooth brush method in mind!

  3. Jason says:


    Good write up. However, I am much less diligent than you. 😉

    The turnover on my two kegs is quite high, so all I do is rinse, fill with Oxyclean, and leave overnight. I then purge the whole 3-5 gallon solution using CO2 to clean my tap lines. Rinse, and then sanitize. Only dissemble the popits every 5 batches.

    One important thing to note:

    Use Oxyclean free. The other brands contain chlorine.

  4. Eric says:

    That really is a complete breakdown on how to clean a keg. I do it much the same way. But I agree with Jason, I don’t clean the popits every few times. Mostly just because I a nervous to lose the springs. Even though that should happen, it is a possibility. I have never used oxyclean before. How does it compare to StarSan? Its the only stuff i have really used.

    • Simply Beer says:

      Thanks Eric! On thing I forgot to mention in the post is to remove the poppet from connector. The pop out very easily with a phillips head screwdriver (try not to scratch the stainless). In the many years I have been doing this I have never lost any pieces since I strain the oxy going out through a large, thin mesh, colander. I have however mixed up posts and since there are several different types of corneys, you want to keep all the parts together. So even if I have to clean 3-4 corneys, I do them 1 at time and keep all the parts together in the corney they came from.

      I use Oxy or PBW to clean. Oxy free seems to get harder to find, so I’ve switch more to PBW. These are cleansers. Star-san is a no rinse sanitizer and requires scrubbing to remove any gunk. Oxy Free and PBW no scrubbing needed, just soak and rinse and the toughest crap will come off over night.