NHC Scores and Carb Tabs

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8 Responses

  1. Jamey says:

    I used to be a frequent user of these sugars, but I prefer the Coopers Carb drops over the Munton’s. Munton’s, on paper, looks better because you can adjust the carbonation by using 3 to 5 tabs and it includes things like dextrose, DME and heading powder. But it seems to take longer to carbonate, it leaves a lot of sediment in the bottles, and that sediment can break up and float up into your beer.

    Cooper’s is inelegant and inflexible in comparison, but I swear by them. Quick, consistent and low sediment carbonation.

  2. Jamey says:

    I don’t do anything special for sanitization. When bottling, I will have a little bowl of diluted Star San which I soak the bottle caps in for a few seconds. (I do that rather than boil because I use oxygen absorbing caps and moisture is needed to activate them anyway.)

    I guess, in fishing those caps out of the Star San, it could keep my fingers a little bit cleaner. Perhaps that’s it.

    • Simply Beer says:

      I guess I can’t figure out how the Carb Tabs stay sanitized. Maybe it doesn’t matter, like adding hops. I too use the starsan for my caps as well for these bottles. If I bottle a full 5 gal I use the dishwasher for my bottles. I guess I should stick to what is working for me and use the priming sugar/dme.

  3. Rob says:

    I’ve never used the carb tabs but I’ve had good success at competitions with force carbing in the keg and then bottling very carefully with the Blichmann beer gun.

    It’s easy to do (relatively) and you can dial in the carbonation exactly how you want it which I usually don’t worry about except for competitions.

    • Simply Beer says:

      Thanks for the Comment Rob. I just got a Beer Gun. Do you actually need 2 regulators or can you use a manafold? I haven’t used mine yet, but the instructions seem to indicate 2 regulators.

  4. Rob says:

    No you don’t need a second regulator, just a wye or a tee to split the C02 line.

    This video is pretty informative