Guy Code Violation

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1 Response

  1. Ryan says:

    Perhaps they were just too drunk to care. I’ve also been a violator in the past to be completly honest. I was visiting this irish pub with a couple of friends and one went to the bathroom – i went with him, don’t aks me why. I probably had too many beers already and just didn’t know what i was doing. So i just stood next to the urinals, waiting for my friend to finish unloading his beers. Unfortunatly, another dude was peeing at the urinals and felt noticably uncomfortable by my presence. He turned around slowly and asked if i liked…well you know what. In hindsight, it’s pretty weird to wait for a friend next to the urinals, but like i said…i was drunk. To make matters worse, i even knocked off some dudes beer on the way out.