NHC or Bust!

NHCglass_postFinally after many years of wanting to attend the National Homebrewers Conference, I’m finally going to make it.  This year I have no excuses since it is going to be right down the Turnpike from me in Philly. I’ve been wanting to attend NHC for years, seeing many of by brew friends attend, there tweets and Facebook posts; I wanted to be right there with them. But it had never worked out for me, be it timing, money, or just life.

This year I’ll be attending with the Glen Ridge Homebrew Association in NJ, even though I’ve done many past events with the New York City Homebrewers Guild, I wanted to stay with my local group of homebrewers whom I’ve become good friends with. NYCHG has things all buttoned up, they’ve all been before, but this will be the GRHBA first time! I’m especially looking forward to club night with these guys and trying all home-brews from the other clubs.  I can’t wait to see what come up with for our table, some lofty ideas floating around…

Even more so, I’m excited to share some of my homebrews with fellow homebrewers. Still haven’t fully decided on all the beers I’m going to bring, assuming they pass mustard with our group tasting, but I’m pretty sure the Fickle Mistress will make her bretty presence known. Past that, I’m not sure. I’m working on a Rye barrel aged peat smoked porter, my ‘Laphroiag’ ale. We’ll see how that turns out. But, who do I really want to share my homebrew with? There are so many homebrewers that I have had great conversations through twitter and Iron Brewer I’ve never met and that I’m really looking forward to sharing a pint with!

Who else is going? Would love to get a list going here…


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