2014 Hoboken Chili Cook-off and Homebrewing Competition

HV_chili_2014-small The 5th annual Hoboken Volunteers Chili Cook-off and Homebrewing Competition is right around the corner.  Homebrewers, signup up through our google form here.  As in prior years, there will be a best in show style judging and a people choice awards with hundreds of dollars in prizes.  Because of limited space at the event, there will be a limit of 20 entries and all entrants must have their beer present at the event to serve.


  1. Entry fee is free to submit beer.
  2. You must brew a 5 gal batch of beer to serve at the event as well as submit 2 bottles of the same beer for judging prior to the event. You may server via Bottles or corney for the event. (You must provide your own dispensing)
  3. 1 beer entry per person. (You can serve more at the event if you choose, but they will not be judged)
  4. 2 bottles of beer for the Judges must be either dropped off on feb 15th or 16th or received via mail on Feb14th
    Drop off location
    Hotel Victor
    77 Hudson Street
    Hoboken NJ
    Mailed location
    Simply Beer
    41 watchung plaza, box 174
    Montclair NJ 07042

    All entries must use labels below and be attached by rubber band.

  5. Your entry is for both judges and people’s choice.
  6. All beer must be brewed by entrant, no ciders, meads, braggots or gruits.
  7. Beer for the event must be brought to the Elks Lodge at 1005 Washington by 1:00 PM on Sunday February 23rd.
  8. You will have space to setup your beer at a table.
  9. Each team must man and distribute their beer to general attendees. (If you are also participating in the Chili Cook-Off portion of the event please have a minimum of 2 people at your table)
  10. Each team includes two general admission tickets. If you have more than 2 people on your team we ask that they buy an admission ticket.
  11. You can also “name” your beer or give it a creative team name.  All names MUST be considered appropriate.
  12. Bring a list of your ingredients (not for display) just in case someone with allergies asks for a list, you do not have to list quantities of ingredients.
  13. You agree to indemnify Hoboken Volunteers, its Directors, and Officers for any and all liability with respect to any acts of your own negligence, recklessness or intentional wrongful conduct.
  14. By entering into the contest and submitting your beer you agree to be bound by the rules listed herein.



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