Flying Fish Belgian-style Abbey Dubbel

Flying Fish Belgian Style Dubbel
Flying Fish Belgian Style Dubbel

Flying Fish Belgian-style Abby Dubbel is a nice beer with a meal. This Jersey based beer was much better then I thought it would be. It poured a beautiful crystal clear amber color. This beer needs a steady pour for the first half ending in a hard pour will leave you a door 1.5 inch head. While it does dissipate fairly quickly it leaves some nice lace on the glass and really opens up the aroma. This Dubbel has a sweet smell of fruit, caramel and alcohol. The mouth on this beer is first of carbonation and alcohol which leads way to sweet lingering taste of caramel and dark fruit.

I had some Extra Sharp Cheese (not much in the fridge tonight) with this beer and it was pretty darn good. The tartness of the cheese worked nicely with the sweetness of the Dubbel

Tasting Method: Bottle

My Score 8.0


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