Southern Tier Imperial Choklat Stout

Southern Tier Imperial Chokolat Stout

Southern Tier Imperial Chokolat Stout

Choklat Stout is brewed by the Southern Tier Brewing Company of Lakewood NY.  This is a very big beer; at 11% alcohol it packs a great punch.


This beer needs a good hard pour.  A good pour really opens up the aroma of this beer.


With the good pour, this beer really opened up.  With the Choklat  Stout I think half of this beer is the aroma it parts on you, like a good scotch.  I could smell the aroma from this beer several feet away, no Joke!  It was like a barley and chocolate explosion.


Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Most beer’s I’ve had that says “Chocolate” usually implies a subtle chocolateness, but that is not this beer.   The dominate flavor in this beer is chocolate nicely balanced by the bittering hops.  It was a bit tough to get the taste of the hops though the chocolate, but they were there.  The strong chocolate flavor did well to mask the 11% abv.


Typical for a stout, very dark with a dark creamy head.


Very good beer, but thin.  It did not have the lushness that I come to expect with a stout.  Beer has great flavor, but had a hard time getting past the Chocolate Milk taste…

Tasting Method: Mug from 22oz Bottle

Rating: 8.6


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