3 Months 10 Beers – A Grand Slam ~ 4 Beers, 1 Night ALL WINNERS

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10 Responses

  1. Seth M says:

    I think I said in an earlier post that she would probably like Dogfish Red & White or was it a Framboise. Either way not surprised she liked the Red & White, its a truly great beer.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Wow, out of the ball park as they say! 🙂 Seems you’re getting quite the education on matching palates to beers, Peter!

    • Simply Beer says:

      Seth, it was a good call. It was pushing the envelope a bit, but she did enjoy it. We are up to 5 beers now, well actually 6. There was a brewpub in Princeton NJ, Triumph, that had a Rye Amber. That beer tasted exactly like rye bread which dani loves, hence he liked that beer. Funny thing is that beer paired perfectly with kosher pickles! Pickles and Beer, beer ceases to amaze me!:-)

      Vanessa, it is becoming quite fun, but I’m still picking a lot of beers I’ve never had before and just guessing. We had a couple of flops in between #7 and this Batch, 2008 Pannapot, Cigar City 100k+OT, and Lagunitas little sumpin Wild. All of these I enjoyed but each had something that Dani wasn’t a fan of, either the abv or the aroma.

  3. Seth M says:

    Ahh I know that beer at Triumph it is definitely a very interesting beer and I agree with the pairing. Also a good cornbeef sandwich works well, heck you can have the cornbeef minus the bread since, you are drinking the Rye Bread 🙂

  4. Lee Williams says:

    This is awesome. It sounds to me like you’ve made a proper beer convert of Dani… WIN! I have to try that Gudelos – been meaning to order some.

  5. Ahh. What a good man. Can I go on your next beer quest?

  6. James W. says:

    I love this experiment. So many craft beer blogs (mine included) stick with the tired and true method of, drink-rate-review-blog-etc. It’s unquie posts and themes such as this that I actually look forward to and seek out amongst the rest.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love ANYONE who spreads the good word of craft beer and shares their excitement with the rest of us, but it’s posts like these that stand out from the rest.

    And these seem like an odd combo that resulted in a grandslam. Way to go!

    • Simply Beer says:

      Thanks James! that means a lot. I’ve gotten sick of writing the traditional reviews as well as reading many of them. You can see how I’ve changed over the last 2 years from formatted reviews with a rating system, to no rating system, to less structured reviews and now into a series. It’s been a lot more fun! Stay tuned for more 3months10beers, but you wont see one on Bitches Brew or Smuttynose Big A. She’s like me and would prefer not to write anything on beer she doesn’t like and keep this positive on beers she does enjoy.

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