Allagash Tripel Reserve Belgian Style Ale (Batch 113)

The thing about Belgian Style Ales is they are not Belgian Ales.  There are only a handful of Belgian Ales.  So, every time I open a Belgian Style Ale I wonder is if really going to be like a Belgian Ale or an Interpretation of one.

The Triple Reserve Belgian Style Ale by Allagash Brewing in Portland Maine is on the menu tonight, I really hope live up to the style.  With an ABV of 9.0% it barely is in the range of the style, but why not push the limits, rights?

Allagash Tripel Reserve

Allagash Tripel Reserve


Pour carefully, the head can explode if not poured carefully.


A cloudy golden straw color, nicely carbonated with bubbles tumbling throughout the glass.  Good frothy head, long lasting with amazing lacing.


Nice mild apple spice, fruity aroma with a slightly herbal fragrance.  A nice sweet aroma with a barely noticeable hop presence nicely rounds out this beer.


Ummmm…  nice lemony peppery creamy start followed by a bready  citrus flavor.


High ABV, 9.0%, but almost unnoticeable until you have to write about it. :-)   This is a very good clingy beer.  If you haven’t had one, buy one, it is a very good example of a Belgian Style Triple!

Tasting Method: 750ml bottle

My Rating: 94


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