Highland St. Terese’s Pale Ale

A fellow homebrewer sent me a couple bottles of this beer from Ashville North Carolina.  I always enjoy trying local craft brews, first you never know what your gonna get and secondly that unknown could be a pleasant surprise.  Tonight hopeful surprise is Highland Brewing Company’s St. Terese’s Pale Ale.

St. Terese's Pale Ale

St. Terese's Pale Ale


This beer needs a heavy pour to wake up the aroma with a thick head.


Nice bronze color, lots of carbonation bubbles.  Even with a big pour, the beer had a tiny head which dissipated quickly.


Really nice bouquet.  The dry hopped cascade hops are really the saving grace on my initial impression. There were nice citrus undertones which balanced nicely with the hops.


A mild maltiness accompanied by a good hop bitterness.  Orange and grapefruit notes match up nicely with the hops.


A nice smooth refreashing brew.  You can definatly put back a few before you realize.  It’s a good sunday afternoon beer.  Not the best pale ale, but very drinkable.

Tasting Method: 12oz bottle

My Rating: 8.5


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