Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

Sierra Nevada just came out with this year’s version of the Torpedo Extra IPA.  Being a fan of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale I was excited to try, but also found I had high expectations for this beer.

Torpedo Extra IPA

Torpedo Extra IPA


Give this beer a nice even pour to get a good even inch size head to open up the aroma.


An amazingly clear copper colored ale.  It had a nice steady stream of bubbles rising from the bottom, keeping a bit of retention in the head and good lacing.


Part of the experience for drinking an IPA is the aroma.  An IPA should, rather must have a strong floral hoppy aroma, especially any extra IPA, Double IPA, or Imperial IPA.  This brew had a great floral hoppy aroma with pine and citrus notes.


This beer has an excellent fresh flavor with great hoppy flavor.  The sweet citrusy/grapefruit floral transitions nicely into good hoppy bitterness.


Nice smooth, easy to drink.  At 7.2% alcohol it doesn’t have as much alcohol as I would expect for a beer that tastes so big.

Tasting Method: 12oz bottle

My Rating: 9.3


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