Beer Review: Stoudts Double IPA

I can’t remember where I found this Stoudts Double IPA, surprisingly it is not a widely available beer in North New Jersey even though it is a Pennsylvania beer.  I’ve heard lots of good things about the brewery, especially the tour, but have never had a beer from Stoudts.  I’m looking forward to my first Stoudts!stoudts_dipa


This beer was very clear, copper color.  It had a good torrent of bubble coming up the middle.  The beer sat beneath a creamy white head, which lead to some good lacing.


The aroma was that of a typical DIPA, very aromatic.  There was a good caramel nose to the beer with tropical fruit and pine.  I also picked up bits of cotton candy giving the beer an extra dimension.


A bit of a fruity flavor right up front with a touch of caramel & molasses in the middle complimenting a good malty and hoppy middle mouth. Then was dominated by a resiny tropical fruit, like pineapple, followed by a good length bitterness.  I really liked how long the bitterness lasted, but never became overwhelming

Overall Impression:

This beer surprised me, not sure what I was expecting, but what I got was a delicious, big heady, hoppy, malty, flavorful beer!  I’m sorry that I only had 1 12 oz bottle.  I wish it were a bomber so I could have some more!  I’m actually surprised that this was 10% abv beer, wouldn’t have guessed from the flavor and taste.

Glassware: tulip or pint

Calories: at 10% abv this beer checks in at about 300 cal per 12oz glass.

Simply Beer Rating: 94

What was your impression of this beer?


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3 Responses to “Beer Review: Stoudts Double IPA”

  1. Mike - Says:

    That is odd to not get much Stoudts over in Jersey. I have had this one beer and enjoyed it.

  2. Simply Beer Says:

    We do get some, like the Pale Ale and Scarlet ESB, but their presence is not very big in North Jersey. Dunno why, this was a really good beer.

  3. Mike - Says:

    They have a seasonal called Smooth Hoperator that I really enjoyed. I believe it is a spring seasonal. If you get a chance to grab it next year I recommend it.

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