Beer Review: Lagunitas 2009 Correction Ale

“We’re all bozos on this bus” – I love the style at Lagunitas.  Some great labels and stories behind the beer and this one is no exception.  Lagunitas simply describes this beer as “A Beer to help remember that things go in cycles and then to help forget what you remembered”. Take a couple minutes to read the description on the side of the bottle, it pretty entertaining.lagunitas_correctionale


Pours a pretty good creamy head about a half inch thick on a hazy copper amber beer.  Good lacing as I drink this beer down; Always a good sign!


Has a good deep malty caramel aroma with a resinous hop aroma.  Bits of grapefruit are present, but the malt is more predominate here.


A very buttery, yet hoppy IPA.  The Buttery initial flavor is quickly replaced by a solid citrus grapefruit which slowly tapers to a good finishing bitterness.  The more I drink of this IPA, the less buttery taste I get after each sip.  I liked the way it started tasting like and English IPA and slowly moved to a American IPA.

Overall Impression:

Good Solid IPA.  Very easy to drink has good complexity.  With each site I kept thinking this is some good nectar! No sure why nectar, but a good IPA.

Glassware: Tulip or Common Pint

Calories: With an Original Gravity of 1.062 and a abv of 6.33% it had to have a Final gravity around 1.014 resulting in about 210 cal per 12oz

Simply Beer Rating: 92


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2 Responses to “Beer Review: Lagunitas 2009 Correction Ale”

  1. nate Says:

    This beer, Hop Stoopid, and Lucky 13 helped restore a little faith in lagunitas…I’m typically not a big fan.

    I liked that this was not super hopped up.

    I too love the story behind it…I love it when breweries share more than just the flavor of their beer.

  2. Simply Beer Says:

    Yeah it was refreashing to have an IPA that wasn’t a Hop bomb, while i Love Love LOVE hops, it good to mix it up a bit!

    I also liked the Brown Shugga. It was a pretty hefty beer, very sweet.

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