Beer Review: Eerwaarde Pater

This beer was an impulse buy, I didn’t go out in search of it.  Seeing this tiny pudgy bottle of Eerwaarde Pater mixed in with corked 750 ml big boys made it standout.  After reading the label I was intrigued and wanted to try this brew.  This is a 9% abv Belgian Dark ale matured in oak, has potential?eerwaarde_pater1


eerwaarde_pater2Deep dark brown color with a fairly dense thin amber head.   While a thin head, it had some good staying power.  Tons of carbonation, it was creeping out of the bottle after opening.  There was also lots of sediment; it was literally bouncing around the inside of the glass as the carbonation bubbles kept most of the sediment suspended.


Strong medicinal, herbal, spicy, alcohol aroma which was surrounded oak.  There underlying notes of dark fruit, raisins and figs.  It is a fairly unique aroma as a whole, but not far off from other strong Belgian Dark ales.


Wooh! Intense beer!  There is a strong sourness associated with this beer.  For me this is reminiscent of a very young unblended Flanders Red ale.  Malty back bone with lots of fruit on top, cherries and a bit of sour apple.  The oak in this beer is very mutted.

Overall Impression:

Was not expecting this beer to be a sour beer, but it really did have the characteristics of a Flanders red.  I like sour beers, so I enjoyed this beer.  The  9% abv is completely hidden by the sour and fruit.  But you do get a bit of warmth in your face after a glass of this.

Glassware: Goblet or Tulip

Calories: 9%abv, would estimate 275-300 calories (Calorie Chart)

Simply Beer Rating: 83

Have you had this beer, were you surprised by it too?


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One Response to “Beer Review: Eerwaarde Pater”

  1. nate Says:

    A friend recommended this to me. I actually sought it out, but couldn’t find it around here. i love impulsive buys.

    I love the foam peeking out of the neck in the photo.

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