German Spaghetti

German Spaghetti

1 box of pasta (cook el dente)
1 lb knockwurst (cut in small slices)
1 can cheddar cheese soup
2 T flour
1 12 oz bottle of beer (Try German Lager like a Kellerbier)
2 T olive oil or butter
1 sm onion chopped (you can also add any other veg. like green or red peppers, hot peppers, mushrooms etc)
Parsley, nutmeg, Worcester sauce
Lg baking dish

Heat over to 350
Cook pasta then drain, place in lg greased baking dish
In lg fry pan heat oil, cook knockwurst for 3 minutes
Sauté onion until tender about 5 min (adds other veggies and cook until tender)
Salt & Pepper
Add flour and cook until golden brown and nutty smelling
Add soup & beer, mix well
Add parsley, nutmeg, Worcester sauce (to taste)
Pour over pasta and mix well

Cook for 30 min


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