Beer Review: Ommegang Rouge

The Ommegang Rouge is a Flanders red ale. If you have never had a Flanders red ale, find out a bit about the style first because this has a habit of shocking people who don’t know what to expect.  Based on the recommendation of the Owner at the Cloverleaf Tavern, I had to give this beer a try while they had it on tap.

Ommegang Rouge

Ommegang Rouge


This beer was a deep reddish brown, bit hazy with a tiny little ring of foam.


The aroma was dominated by sour cherries and green apple.


Initially the taste was sour cherries, followed by a bit of sweetness that transitioned back to bitter/green apple.  The mouth feel was almost like cider, it had a good zing. This beer was quite complex and enjoyable.


I would not set out to drink more then one or two of these at a time, but at 5.5$% abv, it isn’t going to knock you over.  I think my palette would be destroyed after a couple of these and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any other beer.

Tasting Method: Tap – Cloverfield Tavern

My Rating: 9.0


One Response to “Beer Review: Ommegang Rouge”

  1. Felicia Says:

    We have this on tap right now at The Belgian Cafe in Philadelphia and it sells quite well. I often recommend it to folks who are new to sour or Belgian styles. Ever since Rodenbach got so much sweeter I have been off the Flemish reds, but this beer is a friendly reminder how good they can be.

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