New Review: Abbaye de Leffe S.A Leffe Brune

Leffe Brune is a Belgian Dark Ale, which to me says it doesn’t fit into any other of the Belgian styles. I had this on Draft at the Cloverleaf Tavern the same night as Ommegang Rouge.

Leffe Brown

Leffe Brown


Beer was a chocolate brown with a nice creamy head. Great lacing.


Strong yeasty aroma with a hint of cloves and raspberry esters.


This beer was highly carbonated, malty with notes of banana, molasses, and blackberry.


Not sure what it was about this beer but there was a flavor that just didn’t sit with me, and I think it was the banana flavor that I was not expecting.  I don’t think I would order this beer again.

Tasting Method: Tap at Cloverleaf Tavern

My rating: 8.3


2 Responses to “New Review: Abbaye de Leffe S.A Leffe Brune”

  1. CAMILLA Says:

    Incredible article:D Will visit:)

  2. creolehops Says:

    Excellent writeup and site. I will be leaving for Belgium in a few days and look forward to trying a few Trappist brews.

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