Beer Brawl 15 Hefe-Weizen

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9 Responses

  1. Team Boulder says:

    WHAT!!! no Sweaty Betty??? The Bavarian Wheat beer made with the best h2o in the USA.

    oHHH well….maybe next time.

    • Simply Beer says:

      Would have loved to had another quality beer in the mix. Unfortunately, boulder beer is not very common in New Jersey (aside from the Mojo Rising). Although I did have the flashback a week ago and it was fantastic.
      Please send us some of your beer. We are doing porters in 2 weeks, I’d be happy to include your Planet Porter in Beer Brawl 17!

  2. Kevin M says:

    I think I saw a few from the Boulder line at Liquor Outlet Wine Cellars… Sweaty Betty included! And yes, Flashback is a fantastic brew, also available.

  3. Joe says:

    That my friend is what I call a line up of Beer! NICE!

  4. Colin R says:

    The perfect follow up to a great beer brawl would be to review a couple of the beer gardens that are popping up all over the area. A trend no less. There’s even one in Jersey City The selection tends to be more of the traditional and less experimental side but fun nevertheless. Lived a while in Austria and there’s nothing better than to hang out and knock back a few at a good beer garden.

  5. Thanks for pointing out this post! Great batch of beers. Funny, I JUST had the Boulder Sweaty Betty yesterday (review soon). I found it in Whole Foods in Paramus of all places. Thought it was a little better than the Flying Dog, which was still pretty good.

    Going to have to try more of these!

    • Simply Beer says:

      Wow… Whole Foods paramus has a liquor license!?!? I’ll have to check it out. The NY Whole Foods tends to have unique to eclectic selection of beers.

  6. Yeah, and they had a decent selection as well. Just don’t make the mistake I made and go too early on a Sunday. You can’t buy any alcohol before noon!

    11:55AM no, 12:01PM yes. I suppose that makes a difference somehow.

  1. July 14, 2009

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