Beer Brawl™ 22 – Obscure Lagers

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5 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    The second in a row of almost too painful to listen to discussion. From the weird and distressingly inappropriate dating advice to the over the top softball questions being tossed around by the supporting cast the latest Simply Beer podcasts aren’t equaling some of the earlier success.


    • Simply Beer says:

      Rob, Sorry you feel that way. I usually cut out the irrelevant stuff, I must have missed some, but when you have 5 guys talking about beer, some times it gets a bit off topic. I appreciate the time you took to listen and give me feedback. I hope you continue to tune in as we are still working on finding a balance between content, entertainment, length, and interesting subject matter.

      What have you liked about previous Podcasts?

  2. nate says:

    I actually quite enjoyed this…even the off-topic talk. If I lived in the area I’d love to have a beer with anyone at this beer brawl!

    That said, I thougt (but am often wrong) that the Morimoto used ale, not lager yeast.

    i want to get my hands on some Samichlaus now.

  3. I’ve had both the Morimoto Pils and the Left Hand Rye Bock before. I enjoyed the Morimoto one and the Rye Bock was good but I thought it lacked in the rye taste.

  1. August 19, 2009

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