Stone Brewery Tasting sponsored by Draught Board 15

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4 Responses

  1. gservo says:

    That was a disappointing sitting , i hope the next DB 15 meeting is a basic one . I have to properly taste all those beers one day , but i may skip them due to the company rep being so disappointing

  2. RichDigi says:

    The Good: As always, the ritual of sitting in with good friends and experiencing beer.
    The Bad: Not sure if I am capable of escaping the plastic cup association with Stone Brews. It was a turn off.
    The Ugly: Did they really think we would buy something from that catalog after that presentation?

  3. After hearing this, I would be bringing my own glasses! Sucks to have the beer essentially ruined that way.

  4. gservo says:

    Scott-TheBrewClub, I have acquired some small proper tasting glasses to keep with me on beer club visits they are of the quality you get at @ Beer tasting events like the NJ Craft Brewers festival, and don’t have the funky plastic smell