Russian River Consecration Batch 003

Sours are my newest beer love.  I can’t drink enough of them and I really haven’t found any don’t like, but I sure have found some that I love.  My next sour is Russian River’s Consecration Batch 003, that I acquired in a recent beer trade.  While still a very small brewery in Santa Rosa California, they have developed in a premeir leader in Sour and Barrel aged beers in the United States.  So it is only fitting that I try some!russianriver_consecration4

Since there wasn’t much info on their website about the beer their website, I got the next best thing, I photographed the copy on the bottle.



Initially poured with a pretty decent beige head which was quickly eaten away by the massive torrent of bubbles steaming from the bottom of the glass.  This beer is a gorgeous, a deep garnet color with intense ruby highlights.



Like intensely hoppy aromatic beers, I could sit and smell that oaky, sour, fruity, tobacco aroma for hours.  Yet at the same time it smells so nice that I don’t want to wait, it has high drink anticipation quality; a beer who’s aroma builds excitement to drink the beer.


Russian River Consecration

Russian River Consecration

With such an inviting aroma, this beer does not let done on the flavor.  The first sip strikes as an intense sour right on the tip of your tongue, nice rounding fruitiness accompanies the sour from start to finish.  To me the fruitiness tasted like cranberries, even though this beer was aged with currents.  Come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever had a current…anyway.  Right in the middle there is a nice push of tobacco and oak with a hint of funkiness that quickly gets walloped by that long dry cranberry (current) sourness.  Now for me a great marker of a good sour,  you can lick the sour off the front of your teeth and this beer hits that mark!

Glassware: Tulip or Snifter

Overall Impression:

A truly great sour beer.  I loved tart fruitiness with the strong sour.  Definitely one to go out and find, if you can.


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12 Responses to “Russian River Consecration Batch 003”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Totally agree, this is one of the most fantastic sours I’ve had the fortune to try.

  2. Thomas Ham Says:

    One of my favorites!!!

  3. Simply Beer Says:

    This was my first RR sour and I’m hooked. I can’t wait to drink all the other ones I have now. ** must exercise restrant…**

  4. Michael Reinhardt Says:

    Great beer. We reviewed it a while back. One of the best things about it was that a guy from work had some of the bottle I got. It was his first sour and he said that he didn’t know beer could taste like this and loves sours now.

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  6. Pete Says:

    I’ve been looking for RR for a few weeks now. Where did you get it? I need to try this one, the pictures alone are mouthwatering!

  7. Pete Says:

    I’ve been looking for RR for a few weeks now. Where did you get it? I need to try this one, the pictures alone are mouthwatering!

  8. Simply Beer Says:

    Pete, you can drive down to Philly, there are some stores that carry some RR sours and barrel aged beers. Other then that you have to go to CO or Pacific Coast. I got mine in a beer trade.

  9. Don Says:

    The price of these beers have kept me away. I think if Icould find the Consecration I would bite the bullet and pick it up, but the other two that I can get are Damnation and Temptation, and they are $16 and $25 respectively. Like I said I’ve been looking for Consecration, and it just isn’t available that I have seen. Might have to bite the bullet and pick up the Temptation.

  10. Don Says:

    So much biting of bullets! I’ll have to be careful I don’t get lead poisoning!

  11. Simply Beer Says:

    Bite away, Don! Ya only live once :-)

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