Brew York #3 photo log

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7 Responses

  1. And you’re alive to tell about this? Wow, what a line up. When I go to Philly in June I have to head up there for some beers with you one day.

  2. That is a wonderful line-up. That Haansens is one of the most sour/tart beers I’ve had. I’ve had it a couple times where it was vinegarish. Where’s a pic of your porter? I get jealous when I see this line-up.

    • Simply Beer says:

      @mike cool beer folk are always welcome let us know next time ur in Philly. I think some of the Philly beer guys are starting something too.

      @Michael – no porter pict. This is what the brewyork line usually looks like. Lots of different brews!

  3. Nice sampling and as always, nice pics! I really liked that one of you on your FB page in front of all the bottles!

  4. Thomas Ham says:

    MMmmm… Hop God!