Beer People are Good People

Have you seen the twitter has tag #beerpeopleRgoodpeople?  I have and have experienced it first hand, but what is it?  Well it is kinda of a mantra, philosophy, or beer karma.  Most of us have heard of the movie “Pay it forward”, it is kind of the same concept.  I first saw this hash tag used by Hoptopia (Lee Williams) and thought to myself, I’ve meet a whole bunch of folks like this since diving into the beer blogging / social media universe over a year and half ago.

What does “beerpeopleRgoodpeople” mean to you?  To me it covers so much that I’m sure I’ll leave something out, but in simple terms it is someone doing something self less for someone else.  Mostly it has been related to beer, but not always.  I started thinking about this today when I got an email back from my buddy Scott in Colorado.  He told me that he had found a bottle of Russian River Beatification Batch 2 for me and would be sending it to me next week for an upcoming podcast.  I right way thought, wow how cool is that.  He went out and found a bottle of beer I was searching for.  Now Scott and I have done several trades, but why would he actively search out a beer for a guy he has never met before?  I don’t know, but what I see is a guy trying to help out a fellow beer dude.

Brewyork March2010, photo by Joe Postma

Brewyork March 2010, photo by Joe Postma

I have many friends, beer folks I know which have done many favors for me.  I’m not gonna do an academy awards thank you here, but why have they done these things?  I’d like to think they are just good people, maybe they are good people trying to collect some good beer karma, or maybe I’ve done them favors in the past.  But, there are two sides to every coin.

Are Good Beer People good to everyone?  I’d like to think so, but we are all human.  We are more likely to go the extra mile for people who can/will appreciate what you are doing for them.  For me, I’m trying to spread the word about good beer, to get people to try new beer, and share beer I love.  Those of you who know me, do know I love to share my beer, but I also like to spread the word too.  Every tasting I have done, I include beer out of my cellar that people may never get to try…

I didn’t want to turn this into something about me, I’ll leave that up to others to decide if I’m a “good beer person”.  I guess my long winded rambling point is there are so many great beer people out there who are looking to connect with other good beer people.  In NYC, Lee Williams and a couple other beer bloggers started a group called “brewyork” which meets every month for beer folks to hang, talk beer, and drink some awesome nectar.  The great thing, that spawned another group call “ladiesofcraftbeer” created by Stevie Caldarola and I’ve heard some bloggers in Philly are also starting a similar group.   It has become good beer folks helping and inspiring other people.

Call it Beer Karma, Beer it Forward, or what have you.  Do you think Beer people are Good People? What does “beerpeopleRgoodpeople” mean to you?


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  1. uberVU - social comments Says:

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by SimplyBeer: Beer People are Good People – – #beerpeopleRgoodpeople @Hoptopia @LadiesOCB @BasicallyRed @JoePostma…

  2. Rich Pawlak Says:

    Beer people ARE good people, and the most sociable of people that I have ever found. Some of us meet weekly for a beer online, something we’ve been doing since 1996 at the #NO_BULL_INN beer chat on We usually open the virtual pub at 11PM EST. Hope you stop in soon! I usually post a few reminder/invites on Twitter every Friday. This Friday, Good Friday, for example is our annual “Catlick Beer Night”, where we bring out the Saints, Bishops, Holys, Resurrections, Levitations, and any other beers that tie into the holidays. laways fun, always funny, always a good time.

  3. Simply Beer Says:

    Rich, that is awesome! I’ll have to join you guys. I think I have a Saint or two on my shelves! Send me an invite on twitter so I can be sure I’m following you. #beerpeopleRgoodpeople

  4. Stevie Says:

    Thank you for this, Peter. I have never found a group of more dedicated, more passionate, and more caring individuals than I have in the past month. Brew York so graciously and readily opened their doors to me as a brand new blogger with no questions asked- and have offered help to me through every step of the way. When I found Brew York, I … See Moreneeded a new beginning in my life, and beer people have definitely been that change I needed. I am so grateful that beer people are good people, and honored to call myself one of them. -Stevie (BasicallyRed & Ladies of Craft Beer)

  5. Simply Beer Says:

    @stevie, Glad you found something worth holding onto. Even when Brewyork came together none of us knew each other, but we had a common bond, had good times, and wanted to share. Even further then that, it is picking a bottle of beer for someone, sending beer to another part of the country w/o thinking much about what you might get back, or sharing something new with people who might not have wanted/thought/could have tried it otherwise. Cheers!

  6. Deverie Says:

    I couldn’t agree more – great article! The Beer Community is like nothing else I have experienced – so many wonderful, creative, collaborative folks. Cheers!

  7. Beer Goggins Says:

    Thank you, Peter — I completely agree with you. I’m so lucky to be part of Brew York. Beer people ARE good people and I’m blessed to be one of them!

  8. Simply Beer Says:

    @Deverie, so true. I didn’t even touch on the collaborative, but that is a good point! I’ve been invited to so many things by other beer bloggers, where in other communities, I’d be seen as competition not a helping hand.

    @Beer Goggins, It is a great bunch of people, i hope other cities start doing it, it is a great way for good people to share some good beer!

  9. Beer People are Good People | Breaking News 24/7 Says:

    [...] Originally posted here: Beer People are Good People [...]

  10. Maggie Says:

    Agree! Agree! Over the last year since I’ve been writing about beer for Serious Eats, I’ve been so impressed by the beer community–helping each other out, cheering each other on, supporting small businesses and publications, sharing knowledge and enthusiasm.

  11. Simply Beer Says:

    @Maggie – Mike (berganation) and I were talking about this while brewing beer the other night, support, sharing, and passion which comes from this unique group of people. I’m looking forward to what comes down this road as the breadth of people expands.

  12. Scott-TheBrewClub Says:

    Great post Peter. I think its great that the more experienced beer people are so open and embracing of the noobs (like me). Lots of teaching moments here!

    I never felt shunned or mocked because I didn’t know this or that technical thing about beer, and hopefully I’m in a position to be like that for people in the future. Its a great community and I’m happy to be a little part of it.

  13. Simply Beer Says:

    Thanks Scott, you should really come to our BrewYork meet ups. email if your interested and I’ll add you to the group email.

  14. David Flaherty Says:

    Great post and couldn’t agree more. It’s what I’ve always loved about food and beverages: despite everyone’s different backgrounds and personalities, sitting down to break bread (or share a homebrewed Peanut Butter Porter) is a uniting force. It’s as old as life itself. I suggest for the next BrewYork gathering, we hunt and kill a wooly mammoth and share it together. Hmm…what would be a good beer pairing for that?

  15. Simply Beer Says:

    @David, Mammoth it is! I’ll bring the spears!

  16. The Beer Wench Says:


    Very well put … and I could not agree more.

    Just over two years ago I decided that I was tired of writing a broad blog and wanted to hone in on ONE subject.

    At first, I chose wine. I developed a blog called “Confessions of a Vinophile” — but I never wrote one post on it. Why? Because I was only 23 and, although I knew my stuff, the wine industry intimidated the shit out of me.

    And so I decided to write about my other passion — craft beer. At the time, I was a total newbie to the world. I understood how to taste because of my wine training, but I did not know one thing about the brewing process or anything about the 4 main ingredients in beer.

    The most amazing thing was how well I was received by the beer community. No one cared how little or how much I knew about beer. They cared about my passion. So not only did people support my choice to study beer and write about it, many industry people have opted to become my mentor. I am proud, humbled and honored to say that some of the industry’s most respected and renowned professionals are, essentially, on my “speed dial.”

    Do you think Robert Parker would ever answer my calls?

    Oh hell no.


    I am proud to be one!

    Love you all!

    – Wenchie –

  17. Michael Reinhardt Says:

    Shout out to Scott for finding some Black Ops for me, when I only found him some Bourbon County Stout. Peter also sent me Black Tot and Captain’s Golden Delicious. I’ve traded with and beer sent some stuff by The Drunken Polack. These are great people and I really love the community and giving some stuff when I can, too.

  18. Simply Beer Says:

    Thanks Wenchie and we’re proud to have you with us! It’s about the PASSION especially in an evolving industry!

  19. Simply Beer Says:

    @Mike, how’d you like the black tot and golden delicious?

  20. David Flaherty Says:

    Peter, I sat down to write today, read your post and wrote this in response:
    Till we drink again!

  21. Todd Parker Says:

    Love your post. 2 weeks ago tomight, my father had a massive stroke. I got a phone call from my mother the following day. That sunday, he died. In response to posts about his condition and then death, I got over 50 posts/DM’s wishing me the best/condolences, many of which were within minutes of my post. This response was overwhelming in how touching it was. These are mostly people who have never met me or did not know my father- they just know me on twitter/facebook. Even people who do not even follow me had well wishes. I have been back at work for several days, and am still getting well wishes and people checking to see if I’m ok. I’ve had several friends/regulars at my brewpub invite me to their houses for Easter dinner. My coworkers got together with some of our Mug Clubbers and raised over $200 for flowers (which actually will go as a donation in his name for his church). My two brothers, who do not work in the beer industry, got cards and a few donations for this charity, but nowheres near the scope of what I got (not that it is a competition)- and my brothers work in areas where they are well paid. Beer people are good people!

  22. Simply Beer Says:

    @Todd My condolences, It’s hard to go through what your are right now. I hope things are getting easier for you and your family.

    That was a very touching post, gave me goosebumps as I read it. I’m glad there were so many people reaching out to you at your time of need. This almost goes beyond Beer People are Good People, but like extended family.

  23. The Beer Wench Says:

    I have had the honor of not just meeting Todd, but enjoying several of his beers on several occasions. Although most of our interaction is virtual, I consider Todd to be a great friend. He is true. He is genuine. And I love him.

    The Wench

  24. Todd Parker Says:

    Thanks Peter and Wenchie, I just wanted to share some proof to your thesis. I am sure that there and hundreds to thousands more stories like this.

  25. Gerard Walen Says:

    I am a newbie to the beer blogging arena, and the virtual support and welcomes of the beer peeps is AMAZING!

    You all rock.

    And Todd, I add my condolences. I lost my father suddenly and unexpectedly nearly 30 years ago. It’s rough, man.

  26. Simply Beer Says:

    Gerard, Welcome to the beer bloggersphere! I’ll be checking out your blog tonight.

  27. Scott-TheBrewClub Says:

    @Peter, thanks I know you’ve invited me to several meet-ups, beer brawls, etc and I appreciate that. I’ll get it in gear someday!

    @Michael – it was my pleasure to get that to you and I’m just sorry it took a year! And hey, I would have never tried the Bourbon County Stout if it weren’t for you! Looking forward to your review!

    @everyone – Even in these comments we see that beer people are good people. Love it!

  28. mike Says:

    i agree with all the statements above and I’m proud to be part of #brewyork.

  29. nate Says:

    What a great article Peter! I didn’t have time to read all the comments, but I’m sure everyone agrees with you as do I.
    I’ve gotten introverted as I’ve gotten older, but I still manage to find new friends with big hearts via the beer community. I’m sure there are some stinkers, but I have yet to find them (I hope I’m not one).
    I don’t have a local beer community like all you brewyorkers. One might exist, but my priority of family at this point in life trumps being able to go out frequently for brews; but you and the rest of the guys whose blogs I read are a great substitute. Cheers!

  30. Scott Says:

    Peter – all of the nice words and wondeful commentary by those who know you say a great deal about why beer people are truly good people. It is simple…. we all appreciate our families, supportive friends, good food and fun beer. They make everthing else worthwhile.

    I get a great deal of joy from sharing with others. You have done the same in return for many. For that, thanks my friend….
    Salud y Saludos -

    Scott (from Colorado)

  31. Simply Beer Says:

    @nate, I know where your at. My life if frequently there where family trumps fun beer things. But know I have friends there enjoying these events and they writing or share their experience is a great thing

    @scott, you said it! “we all appreciate our families, supportive friends, good food and fun beer. They make everything else worthwhile. “

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