NHC2013 retrospective

nhc club nightA couple weeks ago I went to my first Nation Homebrewers Conference (NHC) and it was probably one of the best beer events I’ve been to in a long time. So what took me so long to write about it? I figured if waited a bit I would really only remember the real highlights and lowlights. Being from Jersey, I was thrilled that this years NHC would be just a quick car ride down the turnpike; Philly is such a great beer town. Besides it was a great excuse to get over to Monks to have some Cantillon Classic Gueuze and Mussels.
Here’s are my highlights from NHC2013

  • Finally meeting some homebrewers that I’ve “virtually known” for a long time and finally meeting them in person.
  • Attending Larry Horwitz lecture on mash biochemistry
  • Club night! One of the coolest events I’ve been to, tons, literally tons of homebrew flowing from clubs all over the country. Had some really great beers, from a Brett Fermented IPA to coffee stout to Oud Bruin
  • The reception my Greasy Pig Bacon Brown Ale received was amazing, people coming from all over just to try my beer, it was such a rewarding experience. Even Mitch Steele came over to try my bacon beer and really enjoyed it too!
  • Stan Hieronymus talk on hops
  • The Blichmann Tower of Power, I’ve wanted this for a while, now I really want it. There were also some other cool gadgets and booths at the exhibitors expo, like the Grog Tags and a temperature controlled fermenting jacket.

Here are some of the lowlights, with all the good there is the bad… at least disappointing

  • Pro Brewer night was fairly disappointing Many brewers didn’t even bother to show up, others just served bottles of their flagship beers. Although Dogfish Head, Kane, Moonlight Meadery and Stone did show up to impress.
  • The commemorative cans of beer were bombs, literally exploding in peoples’ rooms and bags.
  • Didn’t get to all the lectures I wanted to go to because of conflicting times.

What did you think of NHC?


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