Recipe: Hex Nut Brown Ale (extract)

This brown ale recipe has a sweet, nutty, and caramel flavor. Cloned from Goose Island’s recipe, the color is dark amber. (5 gal)

  • 6 lbs. Amber liquid malt extract
  • 8 oz. Brown malt
  • 8 oz. Caramel 40°L
  • 8 oz. Chocolate malt specialty grains
  • 1.5 oz. Willamette bittering hops
  • 0.5 oz. Willamette aroma hops
  • American Ale Activator Wyeast 1056

SG: 1.042-1.046

FG: 1.010 – 1.012


  1. steap grains for 30 minutes @155 deg in 1.5-2 gal of water
  2. start to bring wort to a boil, stir in Malt Extract
  3. at boil (60min) add 1.5 oz of Willamette Bittering Hops
  4. (2 min) add .5 oz of Willamette Hops
  5. cool wort to ~80 deg, add to 3-4 gal of cool water
  6. add yeast

7-10 days primary

7-14 days secondary

1-3 weeks bottle




3 Responses to “Recipe: Hex Nut Brown Ale (extract)”

  1. Jim Says:

    Hey Daddy-O,

    These recipes sound delicious! Can you provide a list of the essential equipment for brewing beer? And a link to a good place to buy it?



  2. Daddy-O Says:

    That is a good idea Jim. Some brewing supplies you must have others are nice to have and some are just a plain waste of money.

  3. Daddy-O Says:

    Cracked open my first one tonight, it’s been about 2 weeks since I bottled it. It was very pretty to look at when i poured it. The beer is Very dark brown with a slight red tint/highlight, nice and clear. The head was airy and light brown in color. It clung to the glass as I drank it.

    This beer is delicious! It has a nice earthy nutty flavor and a very subtle hint of hops… i can’t wait to see what this will taste like in another month!!!

    Hex Nut Brown ale

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