Saison Dupont

My curiosity was peaked when saw a article in a popular men’s claiming this was the “Best Beer in the World”.  I tend to be a skeptic, so I had to find out for myself.

Saison Dupont is a Belgian Farmhouse Ale brewed by Brasserie Dupont.  The first thing that struck me with this beer was the immense dense head.  The beer was light in color with a fruity, musty, yeasty aroma.  And now for the payoff… Quite a nice initial mouthful, crisp, fruity (like apricot), not a lot of hop, medium body.  Overall I was quite impressed by this beer; it was a very hot day which made this beer even better.
I wouldn’t label this the best beer in the world, but I would put it near the top.  One on the few beers I now keep on hand in my liquor cabinet.
Testing Method: Bottled (750ml)

My Score : 9.8


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