La fin Du Monde

La fin du Monde

la fin du monde

This beer had my attention right from the pour, with a huge white head and tons of carbonation, I was captivated. A really nice floral citrus aroma greets you before your first sip. With such a pretty beer, I was really hoping the flavor would hold up and it did. A rich sweet beer with a little bit of caramel and spice; had nice mild hop bitterness with a dry finish. Surprisingly enough the 9% abv is hardly noticeable, nicely masked by all the flavor.

The one thing that I appreciate about this beer is it continues to taste better the more you drink. (“sampled” from a 750ml bottle)

Tasting method: Tulip glass from 750ml Bottle

My Score: 9.5


3 Responses to “La fin Du Monde”

  1. Anthony Says:

    could not agree more!

  2. Phobos Says:

    This is indead a fantastic beer from unibroue!!
    By far my favorite.

  3. Simply Beer Says:

    @Phobos, Couldn’t agree more, this and teh Allagash tripel are my two favorite Tripels on the market now.

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