Real Ale Phoenixx Double ESB

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5 Responses

  1. OK, so what makes it a ‘double’ ESB? I’ve only had 2 (I think) ESB beers, so the style isn’t something I’m really familiar with. Just curious if its a real style distinction or is it more of a marketing thing?

    • Simply Beer says:

      Basically the style guidelines state between 4 and 6.5% abv, so over that is considered “Double” or “Imperial”. Good ESB’s are wonderfully creamy and delicious with a bit of bitterness, you should try more. Fullers ESB is great.

  2. Right on re: Fuller’s ESB.

    Scott: If you’re near the VA/DC/MD area, or if you can arrange a trade, try out Clipper City’s Winter Storm seasonal. It’s an Imperial ESB done right, at least in my opinion.


    • Simply Beer says:

      Scott, I know the Liquor Outlet in Boonton carries a lot of clipper city beer. I’ll have to look out for it too. I love the style, brewed a Imperial ESB in Nov. that was fantastic!

  3. Thanks Peter for the clarification. I’ve had the Fullers and I know many people consider it the standard-bearer for the style. I had Yard’s ESA over the weekend and the description you had in the Phoenix review sounded familiar! I need to try some more of them to broaden my exposure though.

    Silly me. I was thinking “Double” was a literal term!