Ballast Point Big Eye IPA

I first had this beer when my buddy Mark brought it over for our first Thursday Night Beer Brawl.  I really enjoyed it that night, so I bought two more bottles to review.  I really wanted to have a singular experience, be able to really enjoy this brew.

Ballast Point Big Eye IPA

Ballast Point Big Eye IPA


This beer poured nicely with a good even pour, producing a good solid inch thick head.


A hazy amber beer, lots of carbonation bubbles with a thick dense creamy head with great head retention.


A strong hoppy aroma with striking orange notes.  Very pleasant.  I really enjoy being able to have strong fragrant aroma to enhance the drinking.


This beer has a nice citrus and toffee flavors. The strong hop bitterness pairs nicely with the sweet citrus flavor.


One of the best IPA’s I’ve had this year, the flavor and aroma are nice compliments in a great example of an American IPA.  This IPA  appears to have all the characteristics of a big IPA without actually being a big IPA.  A beer you should definitely sample.

Tasting Method : 22oz bottle

My Rating: 9.1


One Response to “Ballast Point Big Eye IPA”

  1. pculos Says:

    I picked this up on a whim last year and am a big fan. I love IPA’s that have that strong citrus twist to them. Just had Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo with some definite grapefruit notes and loved that too.


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