Grocery Store Beer

Tonight I had to go to the grocery store for a couple items for tomorrows breakfast.  As I wondered around I found myself in the “beer” isle, surprise surprise.  I was amazed at the selection the grocery store had, mind you this is a New Jersey grocery store.  You have to search far and wide to find a grocery store in New Jersey that sells beer.

Grocery Store Craft Beer

Grocery Store Craft Beer

I was walking past the beer, a six pack caught my attention, Lobster Ale… what the F***!  Lobster Ale, I get fruited beer, but lobster??? that was my first impression.  I stopped and looked at the label, sighed a bit of relief that I just have a screw loose for thinking someone would put lobster in beer.  This got me thinking, if the Shoprite is carrying Belfast Brewing Co. Lobster Ale, what else do they have?  I saw Stone, Rogue, Sierra Nevada, Long Trail, Lagunitas, Victory and a couple dozen more quality breweries.  I was also surprised to see cards from RateBeer for some of the beers on the shelf.

It is great to see that craft beer is becoming mainstream, where a local grocery store has these types of beers on their shelf, they wouldn’t carry them if they didn’t sell.


2 Responses to “Grocery Store Beer”

  1. Illa Scrilla Says:

    For the love of god, everywhere sells alcohol in Illinois. Seriously only beer? but…. oh well better then none.

  2. Simply Beer Says:

    That’s Jersey for ya!

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