Beer Brawl 12 – Fruit Beer

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2 Responses

  1. JT says:

    I’m surprised by your reaction to a few of the beers. Personally I like the Banana Bread beer and found it excellent when paired with dark chocolate gelato. The bitterness really compliments the banana. I think that Chris might need to be reminded that he is judging beer for adherence to a style and whether or not he likes a fruit is mostly irrelevant in the judging process. Keep up the podcasts! I love hearing people talk beer.

  2. Simply Beer says:

    JT – appreciate the feed back. It just goes to show how wonderful beer is, many people can like different styles of beer. I’m convinced there is a beer for everyone. Some times it is hard to be completely objective, but we try to be honest and unbiased about the flavors we are experiencing. While we may not like certain beers, do usually do try to at least acknowledge the effort that goes into making beer. Keep listening and commenting!