Beer Blogger Brewoff, the Results are in!

After 2 months, we finally had our Beer Blogger Brewoff tasting.  It was amazing the quality and variety of beer made from such a simple 5.5% abv stout.  I applaud Aaron, Derek, Erik, Joseph and Nate for coming through with some very creative and tasty beers. With all our beers brewed, mailed, and ready to be consumed; six of us got together on a Skype conference and had a virtual tasting.  It was extremely cool to share these beers while we were spread all over the country, although it felt like we were all in the same room.

Check out the podcast we recorded of the tasting:

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On Tap:

Download the podcast and listen to all the details about how these stouts turned out.

As I said before a great set of beers that made this First Brew-off an overwhelming success.  When all was consumed the overwhelming favorite was Derek’s Molasses addition.  The molasses gave this beer a wonderful aroma and great flavor.  Well done, Derek.  As winner of the first Brew-off, you get nothing, except the satisfaction of knowing you made a great beer that was truly appreciated by a bunch of beer geeks.

There will be a second Brew-off coming, please contact me if you’d like to join in on the fun.  You don’t need to be a blogger or even an experienced brewer, just willing to throw your beer into the ring!


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15 Responses to “Beer Blogger Brewoff, the Results are in!”

  1. nate Says:

    “As winner of the first Brew-off, you get nothing” haha, glad you didn’t stop there. Well done Peter, you have a gift for organization and bringing folks together.

  2. Simply Beer Says:

    thanks Nate, glad you were able to brew with us. Looking forward to the next one!

  3. Aaron Says:

    It was a great time, thanks for coordinating Peter. I’ve been enjoying everyone’s beers this past week.

  4. Don Says:

    Jim wants to do it!

  5. Billy Broas Says:

    Great job guys, this looked like a lot of fun. And congrats Derek!

    Peter, please put me down for the next one if you have spots available. You guys are making me jealous with all this buddy-buddy homebrewing.

  6. Michael Reinhardt Says:

    I want to do it this time and I’ll have the fermenter open.

  7. Scott-TheBrewClub Says:

    Outside looking in (for now) it sounded like a good time, and I learned a thing or two just by listening to the podcast. Looking forward to the next one – even as an observer its fun!

  8. Simply Beer Says:

    @aaron, thanks! me too, they were good beers.

    @don, you too! get your equipment and start brewing. We’ll hijack you too!

    @billy, your in! I’ll be putting the next one together in a couple of weeks

    @Michael, cool, we’ll probably start one in april, looking at a july tasting.

    @scott, you don’t have to be a master to join us. We can create an extract version so that you and other extract brewers can join too.

  9. Jim Says:

    @ Don, thanks for volunteering me! I’ve haven’t even seen a wet carboy at this point…

  10. Simply Beer Says:

    Awesome! Jim you’re signed up for the next one!

  11. Jim Says:

    Should I make my Putrid Pale Ale, my It’s Supposed to Be That Color Porter or perhaps my Something Fell Into the Fermenter and Now It’s Sour?

    I pity the person who has to taste whatever I brew up. Is there a booby prize?

  12. Billy Broas Says:

    Booby prize?! Well thanks Peter how generous of you!

  13. Simply Beer Says:

    Yup, It will be a full size picture in my new section on SimplyBeer called “Homebrewers Wall of Shame” :-) I’ll even create an automatic popup when you come to the site that forces everyone to see it!!! Wuhahaha!

    Seriously Bill and Jim, it is a friendly competition, you only have experience to gain and nothing to lose. It’s fun!

  14. Jim Says:

    If there’s gonna be a Wall of Shame, I want that puppy named after me. After all, if you can’t be the best at something, you might as well be the worst!

    If I don’t kill myself or any small animal when I brew this weekend, I’ll consider throwing in for the next round.

  15. JT Neville Says:

    Nice round table. Lagunitas does indeed use brown sugar. The story of the beers creation is oft repeated by the staff at local events and has left an indelible image of the brewery floor covered in empty boxes and local bakers standing in the grocery isles wondering where the heck is the brown sugar…

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