Preview – Beer Brawl 31 – Cellar RAID!

It’s been a couple weeks since Beer Brawl 30, Session beers. We were going to do a High Octane Brawl, which we still will once I get my bottle of “Sink the Bismark”. So instead, we are raiding our beer cellars for Beer Brawl 31.

The Players:

Peter Kennedy – Simply Beer

Kevin Malavarca – Beer Manager, Liquor Outlet

John Hoyos – Hunterdon Distributors

Mystery Guest – ???

So now you know the players, how about the beer?  This was a hard choice for me, because I have so many good beers it was a tough choice.  Check out my cellar and tell me what you would have choosen.

The Beers:

PeterGreat Divide Barrel Aged Hibernation ale & Russian River Batch #003 Supplication

Kevin3 Floyd’s Dark Lord 08 & 09

John – 08 Lost Abbey 10 Commandments  &  Capt Lawrence Nor’easter Batch 3

Mystery Guest

This should be interesting with such crazy hard to find beer… well frankly unavailable beers!


13 Responses to “Preview – Beer Brawl 31 – Cellar RAID!”

  1. nate Says:

    I love it! So many familiar faces in you cellar, which is far healthier than mine. I enjoyed Barrel aged hibernation, and 10 Commandments is awesome. Great line up.

  2. Simply Beer Says:

    Thanks Nate. This should be fun one. I don’t think I’ve had any except the 08 dark lord. Had that a couple weeks ago, it was spectacular!

  3. Jim Says:

    Good thing I’m not in this one – I think the most exotic thing I could offer is a four month old Mad Elf! I love to buy beer, but I’m terrible at holding on to it…

  4. Simply Beer Says:

    @Jim, if you want to hang with us, you’re welcome to join us (off mic) on fri. Usual time and place.

  5. Mike - Says:

    I envy your cellar. Not just the quality of beers but the set up. I just don’t have the space in my house for anything like that. I’m thinking about getting a mini fridge just for my beers I’m trying to age.

  6. Michael Reinhardt Says:

    I miss my cellar. I’ve got a ton of stuff at my parent’s house in Indiana. I’ll be back in April, so I’m going to raid that thing a bit. Probably also buy some other Three Floyds stuff to put in there. You have a nice looking line-up there.

  7. Simply Beer Says:

    Thanks Mike, it’s ever evolving and improving as my tastes do.

  8. Kevin M Says:

    Well, I guess you took my joke seriously… I’m trying desparately to track down a 2008 Dark Lord. It looks more likely that I’ll be bringing along a Hvedegoop and maybe something else equally tasty TBD at slightly before the zero hour!

  9. Simply Beer Says:

    Leave it to you to screw up my post, kevin! :-) . It’s gonna be a fun one

  10. Kevin M Says:

    I have to be good at something… Don’t worry, though, I won’t disappoint. It’s just so hard trying to decide what to “taste” when I’m only allowed to bring 2two bottles! One has to be the Hvedegoop, since I’ve been dying to try it, but the other, well, the other could be anything from a 3L of Double Bastard to a 7oz of Rogue XS… I’ll call you later when I finally have an idea what the other will be.

  11. John Hoyos Says:

    REALLY glad you didn’t bring the 3L of Double Bastard. That might have been cause for hotel rooms all around.

  12. Kevin M Says:

    That 3L is still sitting in my basement. Along with it’s mouse-sized friend, Rogue XS. I’m hoping to find an even larger bottle than that 3L… But, is the next jump in size to the 1/6 keg?

  13. Simply Beer Says:

    I think I’ve seen 5L bottles of duval and another Belgian beer. Would be cool to have one!

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