Brewstand update

A couple weeks ago I bit the bullet and ordered a brewstand from  While a simple single tier stand, I wanted to make a change to the stand to add a shelf to hold a propane tank.  I emailed Kurt at Brewsteel and he told me it wasn’t a problem.  Now I’ve talked to Kurt a whole bunch since I made up my mind to get a stand built.  One of the things that has held me back was the cost and something I spoke to Kurt a great deal about, basically getting exactly what I needed because price was an issue.  After my initial email to Kurt about the shelf, he emailed me about some new options that he had for his brewstands.  Basically Kurt is creating another line of his brewstands that you can bolt together; you get a bunch of large pieces and you assemble it yourselft.  The reason he suggested this to me was the several hundered dollars I could save in shipping charges.  While I appreciated the thoughtfulness of the suggestion and I think the assemble it yourself method is pretty cool, I opted to get the 1 solid frame since I brew 50-60 times a year, I wanted something that was going to hold up under the stress I will be applying to this rig.  So far the customer service has been great with this build, looking forward to seeing the photos as the construction of the stand starts.


2 Responses to “Brewstand update”

  1. Billy Broas Says:

    Can’t wait to follow this project Peter. Can you go into more detail on your plans for it? Any automation? Doing a RIMS, HERMS, direct fire? I’m in the planning stages of a Brutus 10 so this stuff is VERY interesting to me right now lol. Also I agree with you 100% on putting durability as a top priority.

  2. Simply Beer Says:

    You right Billy, I never did do that. I’ll write another post for that but for the most part it is/will be a direct Fire Rims, like the B10.

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