The Hops are to Big for My Trellis!

Not that I’m complaining, but my hops have already reached the top of my trellis.  My trellis is only 12 feet high and I knew it would grow over, but I was planning more for June to have this problem, not May 1st.  What to do now?

My trellis is simply a steel wire run between 2 trees that I’ve attached biodegradable rope to and in past years, the hops have taken to June to reach this height.  I suppose with the early spring, added fertilizer and a strong root system, they are more aggressive this year.  Since I’m limited to about 12′ with my trellis because of the location of the support trees, my plan is to grow them horizontally.  I’ve done this is the past, but it was usually towards the end of the growing season, not at the beginning.  By attaching another steel cable 10′ from the first I will train the hops horizontally.  My biggest concern is then having the horizontally growing hops casting to much shade on vertical.

My other option is to let them just fold over and grow down. Another worry of mine,  I don’t want to run the risk of mold or other bugs with too much growth over hanging the original vertical.

Anyone have any bright ideas that I haven’t thought of, keeping it vertical is not an option this year?


2 Responses to “The Hops are to Big for My Trellis!”

  1. Joe Callender Says:

    Wow! Nice growth. What I planned to do for mine is use those retractable clothes lines under my garage eaves. Not sure of the distance between your trees, or if you can find one that stretches far enough, but it would give the bines several lines to grow horizontally.

    It would increase the surface area for horizontal growth as they have a few lines for hanging clothes. Train a lead onto each line. Not sure of the weight of a fully grown hop plant so you may need to add support midway so the line does not break. On the other hand, if they support wet clothes they may be strong enough.

    If I may ask, what do you use for fertilizer? I am just starting out with growing hops.

  2. Simply Beer Says:

    Hi Joe, I used last years growth and manure.

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