Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA Organic version (Extract)

In early June I was contacted by Mike Kivowitz, founder of wanting to partner up to brew an organic version of the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA.  If any of you have looked for a clone of the 60 Minute IPA, you know there are a bunch of them out there and they are all different.  Here is our take on the Dogfish head 60 Minute IPA.  IMG_8770

Before you start you should have a liter starter of American Ale yeast going.

The grains:

  • 9lbs, Briess Organic Liquid Pale Malt (8.0 SRM)
  • 1.00 lb Great Western Organic crystal 15 malt (40.0 SRM)

Steep the grains grains for 45 minutes at 155° with 12qts of water

After the steep add the 9lbs of pale malt to the wort, top off to 6 gallons in brew pot with water and bring to a rolling boil

The Boil:

  • 1.00 oz Warrior organic Pellets [15.40 %]  60-35 minutes
  • 0.50 oz Simcoe organic Pellets [12.20 %] 35-25 minutes
  • 1.00 oz Palisades organic Pellets [4.60 %] 25-0 minutes
  • 0.25 tsp iris moss at 15 minutes remaining

Add the warrior hops continuously for 25minutes starting at 60  minutes. Add the Simcoe continuously for 10 minutes from the 35 minute.  Finally add the  Palisades continuously for 25 minutes.

Cool the wort down to 75°, take you Gravity reading. Ad the yest and let it sit for 7-10 days. The final gravity should be around 1.011.

Dry hop:

From primary move beer to secondary, dry hop for 11 days the following:

  • .5 oz Amarillo whole leaf hops
  • .5 oz Simcoe hops
  • 1 oz Glacier Hops

after 11 days of dryhopping, move to Tertiary Fermentor for 2 more weeks.

After that, bottle or keg it, wait 4 weeks and enjoy!

Bottle beer,


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4 Responses to “Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA Organic version (Extract)”

  1. Rnast Says:

    Thanks for the post, I’m definitely going to give this one a try! Big fan of the DFH Hop profile on this beer, so it should be interesting.

  2. mike Says:

    It was so much fun too. Can’t wait to try it (for real) in a few more weeks!

  3. Kyle Says:

    how did it turn out? I’m thinking about using this recipe. What kind of yeast would you suggest?

  4. Simply Beer Says:

    It turned out great. If I was going to improve on the recipe, I would go all grain. I think 12lbs of pale malt should do the trick. Also I would increase the Amarillo in the dryhop to an oz of whole leaf. But the recipe it’s self was pretty darn close to the Original. Mike, above poster, sent a couple bottles down to Dogfish head. We’re anxiously awaiting their feedback!

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