Avery The Beast Grand Cru

Ok, with a name like “The Beast” you have to try it, how could you not?  Avery brewing Co makes this 14.9% abv monster of a Belgian Strong Ale.  I had to try it, I love monster beers.avery_grandcru


A chestnut brown ale, tons of carbonation supporting a thin dense head.  Lots of lacing with this beer.


I’m starting to get a sense of why this is called The Beast, strong malty nose consisting of Honey, pineapple, molasses, and black licorice. Oh yeah, almost forgot alcohol, very strong alcohol presence. The aroma on this beer is almost intimidating.


With that aroma, I’m expecting a huge beer, not just ABV, but big mouth feel and flavor.  This beer does not disappoint!  Big flavors, sweet raisins and dates right up front, melding into a black licorice, finishing with a malty chocolate taste.  But just when you thought it was done, the dates come back an linger on you palette.  Besides the fruit, the alcohol is very present in this beer, a constant heat, which was pretty heavy handed in this beer.

Overall Impression:

The name of this beer fits the beer, it’s a BEAST!  Complex and flavorful.  I thought the flavors blended together well.  A sipping beer at 14.9%abv, but after half a glass the beer became overwhelming and difficult to drink, extremely sweet.

Glassware: Tulip, Goblet

Calories: Avery was nice enough to list the Original Gravity of 1.148, which would put the Final Gravity around 1.038 for an abv of 14.9% giving you about 515 calories per 12oz.

Simply Beer Rating: 84 (if you only have a half glass or tasting, 89)


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5 Responses to “Avery The Beast Grand Cru”

  1. nate Says:

    I have been wanting to try this. I usually enjoy Avery’s specialty beers. 14.9 breaks the law in Ohio though, so I’ll have to wait till I am out of state for some reason.

    Sometimes I wish huge beers like this were sold in 12 oz. bottles. (i.e. 120 minute IPA…mmmm).

  2. Simply Beer Says:

    the Beast I had was a 12oz bottle, thankfully. I would have been happy with an 8oz bottle, but that is probably not economical. I would suggest splitting this beer with someone like the 120, great in moderate doses.

  3. Michael Reinhardt Says:

    It is a lot to take in as a whole beer. I’ve got one of these babies cellaring for a couple years. I wonder how it will be.

  4. Simply Beer Says:

    Lucky you! I bet this would be a killer beer to age.

  5. Michael Reinhardt Says:

    Can’t wait. I think mine is currently 3 years old.

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