Dogfish Head Burton Baton Imperial IPA

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4 Responses

  1. Perrinator says:

    Dear Sir,
    I must respectfully disagree. My impression is that the majestic glory of Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA was polluted by unnecessary barrel exposure. The best component of the IPA- a solid, complex hops profile- is deadened rather than enhanced by the barrel-induced “vanilla orange” components you identify above.

    • Simply Beer says:

      Perrinator, thanks for leaving your thoughts, I appreciate your opinion, but that is what we have different styles of beer not everyone likes the same stuff. Curious, what are your thoughts on the 120 minute, which has almost no hop profile but is an amazingly complex and wonderful beer?

  2. Perrinator says:

    I’m glad you asked. I think that the 120 minute is a peculiar but tasty beer, though migrating towards the outer reaches of Beerdom since it weighs in at something like 18% ABV. I’m no purist about what beers “should” be, so the 120 min. is a fun experiment in excess.

    • Simply Beer says:

      120 is a drink in of its self. Nothing out there like it. I love wood on beer, which is probably why I enjoyed the Burton so much, I would love to try some 120 aged on new oak or chardonnay barrels (not necessarily bourbon or whiskey)