Mikkeller Nugget Single Hop IPA

Have had some wonderful experiences with Mikkeller Beers, including a great Podcast.  When I saw this Nugget IPA, it sounded interesting, so here we are.

Mikkeller Nugget Single Hop IPA

Mikkeller Nugget Single Hop IPA


Poured with a huge dense head of tiny bubbles that are coating the glass as the center of the head falls away into the beer.  The color is a slight hazy bronzy orange.  Beer appears to bottle conditioned with the amount of sediment on bottom.


A very interesting light aroma, not the typical American IPA aroma.  This is more earthy and herbal then floral or citrus, but the orange was there in the aroma.  There are some undertones of candy sweetness, but it is barely perceptible.


A fairly bitter beer, has some good upfront sweetness of toffee, highly carbonated.  The effervescence really explodes once it gets into your mouth with a touch of orange.  Then it finishes gradually and builds up with a strong bitter aftertaste. A very interesting flavor profile

Overall Impression:

A pretty dynamic beer.  I will warn you, if you don’t let this beer warm up a bit you will miss out on the complexity in the flavors and be left with a ho hum bitter beer.  Give it a chance to come up to 50° and you’ll really enjoy this Mikkeller.

Glassware: Tulip or Pint

Calories: Without the original gravity of this beer, a 6.9% abv will be around 215 – 240 calories. (calorie counter)

Simply Beer Rating: 89


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One Response to “Mikkeller Nugget Single Hop IPA”

  1. Michael Reinhardt Says:

    Their SImcoe is pretty nice…and it is nice a colder temps, if that is the preference.

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