Beer Review: Dogfish Head Festina Pêche

The Dogfish Head Festina Pêche is a Berliner Weisse beer, a fairly rare wheat beer, made slightly more popular lately with German breweries resurrecting this almost lost style of beer.  This beer is made with top-fermenting yeast and lactobacillus culture to give the beer a distinctive tart and citric flavor.

Dogfish Head Festina Pêche

Dogfish Head Festina Pêche


The beer pours well with a huge head with a standard 45° angle to vertical.


Beer is light straw color, very clear.  Initially pour with a think white head, which quickly dissipated to a thin white layer.  Looks highly carbonated with lots of bubble quickly rising from the bottom.


The aroma is light, fruity, and tart.


Dominated up front by a fruity peach flavor, which quickly swings to a dry, crisp,  tart effervescent mouth feel. The tartness lingers for a long time, coating the mouth, building over each sip.


Tart and Dry.  I found that the tartness of the beer was better balanced by the peach flavor as it warmed up slightly to about 50°.

Food Pairing:

Fresh Fruit – peaches and strawberries

Dietary Information:

A dry beer, 4.5% abv around 150 calories

Glassware: Pint (Used Modified Pint)

Simply Beer Rating: 90


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One Response to “Beer Review: Dogfish Head Festina Pêche”

  1. Daniel Sroka Says:

    I tried this a little while ago, and at the time found it too tart, too dry. But I was drinking it very cold, and I think you are right that letting it warm up a bit would balance out the tastes/flavors. I think I have one more left in my storage, so I’ll have to try that.

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