Stand is Here, but Work is Ruining the Fun!

Well my stand got here 3 weeks ago now, it is awesome! Unfortunately, I have not used it yet.  I can’t believe that something this cool, that I waited so long for with back order parts is not being put to hard use!  I did get the pumps mounted along with the chill plate, but I still have to cut my hoses to the right length and do a water brew.

Since receiving my stand a couple weeks ago I had a couple of issues.  First, the freight driver took out my neighbors power and phone lines with the delivery truck.  Ripped the wires and siding right off her house.  At the time it wasn’t funny, but now that everything is fixed it’s a funny block story.  The other issue, the freight company broke the gas line with the regulator.  When it arrived everything looked fine, but when I hooked up the gas I could here it hissing out of the compression joint.  I emailed Kurt at Brewsteel and he had a new line and regulator sent to me the same day.

I very excited to start using this and building it out more, like the Brutus 10.  So far this stand is everything I expected and it has been a great experience working with Kurt.  While it took a lot longer then anticipated, good customer service kept me assured that I would get what I paid for and so far it has! If you’re planning on a stand, I highly recommend working with Kurt. In the end I’m sure you’ll be happy with what you get.

For me, once my day job settles down and I’m not working 16hours a day, I’m going to put that stand to some good use!


12 Responses to “Stand is Here, but Work is Ruining the Fun!”

  1. Billy Broas Says:

    That story is hilarious. Leave it to a homebrewer to destroy the neighborhood.

    Hope you can find the time to finish it soon – it looks sexy. Love those wind shields. One thing about the pumps – you want the outlet pointing straight up in the air. That way any air bubbles will naturally rise to the top and be purged from the tubing.

  2. Linus Says:

    Nice stand. Congratulations.
    Hope to see you using it soon.

  3. Simply Beer Says:

    Thanks Billy. at least my neighbor wasn’t pissed about it. I have turned the pumps since the photo was taken.

  4. Linus Says:

    Yes, pump outlet should always be up to help bleed the pump.

  5. Jeff Says:

    Wow! That is an awesome stand, congratulations!!

  6. Stephen Says:

    Man… It will be worth it once you get that thing cookin’! I know what you mean by 16 hour day work schedule. I am itchin’ to brew.

  7. Kenneth Says:

    My green monster, a modified clone of JonW’s stand is soon to be on it’s way here from Kurt. Let’s hope the delivery driver doesn’t wreck the neighborhood. I feel your pain, I’ve still got too much work to do to get my brewery finished.. Uhhg.

  8. Kati Smith Says:

    It sounds like you had a pretty good experience. I’ve been researching Brew Steel on Google and found a guy rich something rather that had a terrible time…. I’m encouraged by the posts that I’m finding to the contrary!

  9. Simply Beer Says:

    Hi Kati, I love my stand. I’ve brewed about 10 batches now and it kicks ass. I have had a couple small issues, but Kurt has been on top of getting my issues resolved. My suggestion to you or anyone would be to be a specific as possible about what you want.

  10. Kenneth Says:

    Kati, Kurt at Brew Steel made me a kick ass stand too. There have been a few minor issues (scratches that need touch up paint from shipping – which Kurt did include extra paint!) and some a kettle issue but he has been getting them fixed and I hope to be brewing soon. He’s been very helpful and responsive in getting me taken care of so I wouldn’t rule him out. I think he does nice work. I do agree about being specific in what you want, in my case I had BrewSteel build me the stand and gas portion with auto valves and ignition and I built all the liquid control and automation portion since that is my area of expertise, welding is not. :)

  11. Adp525 Says:

    Hi peter,

    Can u provide an update on ur rig? How it’s holding up. Pros and cons and what you wish you had added or maybe don’t really use. Looking to get my first stand and consudering Thanks

  12. Simply Beer Says:

    I’ve been brewing 1-3 batches a week for several months now, probably close to 20 batches of beer and it is a dream! I’m extremely happy with it and Kurt was a pleasure to work with. I would suggest reaching out to Kurt and have him help you design a rig for your style. Good Luck!

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